Mark is born in the Netherlands, and has obtained a Bachelor and a Master degree at the Utrecht University.

After living for a year in Vietnam, and two years in the Caribbean, he followed his heart and immigrated in 2014 to Texas.

When working for the Friendship Association Netherlands China, Mark was by far the youngest board member. Because of his age, he was asked to look into a new phenomenal: social media.

That was the start of Mark's journey through marketing, advertising, and sales, a journey that landed him a position of CMO at an energy brokerage in Texas.

Since 2022, Mark took measures in his own hands, and partnered with his wife to launch DutchTexan, the marketing agency for solopreneurs and small businesses.



Lan is born in Vietnam, and met Mark as her basketball trainer in 2016. After she immigrated in 2010 to Texas, she reconnected with Mark to practice English. Practicing English led to a romance, and a romance led to a happy marriage, three beautiful kids, and an exciting business!

Lan is for now part-time on the background doing administrative and bookkeeping work. She has always been the financial rock in the family.

In late 2023 or early 2024, Lan will join Mark on a full-time base, and will focus on graphic design, photo and video editing, and possibly spearhead the Asian expansion.

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